We are an independent motion design and computer graphics studio from Stockholm.

Setting your ideas in motion

Logo design, visual effects, motion design, print, medical visualisation, infomercials, facade projections, posters, broadcast design... We could go on listing the various types of projects we've successfully delivered through the years but that's not the point. The point is we've tackled many different challenges and we're happy to take on new ones. We don't specialise in any specific field, but we do take great pride in crafting unique images and animations that will draw the focus of the viewer.


Making structures come to life

It's not all about screen media and prints. We have solid experience in creating visuals tailored to the surfaces of buildings or objects. We've learned how to fool the human eye and we know what will stand out and make a live audience go "WOW!".

In collaboration with Solaris Filmproduktion we have realised large scale facade projections on some of the most well known landmarks in Stockholm and Gothenburg.